Tuesday, June 22, 2010

True Story Tuesday 06/22/10

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So, in THIS post, I showed y'all how the city girl and the redneck buy new toys. Well, below, is taken from an email I sent to my girlfriends that will be here in 24 days to have some fun on the river. Of course, my new toy won't fit the number of moms that I need to drive around all weekend, so of course, I told them that we would be using Uncle Bubba's new toy the JEEP for the weekend at the river. Of course, I told them BEFORE I asked him to borrow it or told him that I was taking it...LOL

So...here it is, the funny story that made me laugh at myself, I hope it makes y'all laugh too!!!

I told him he HAS to let me borrow it for the river trip, cuz 1) we won’t fit in my new car and 2) it’s a fucking hot ass jeep and that is what jeeps are for, taking to the river, DUH! He said HELL NO, but I told him too fucking bad cuz I already told y’all that he said I could borrow it so he has to let me take it and if he’s going to let CHANCE take it to the beach and shit, the least he can do is let me borrow it for the RIVER cuz it’s the RIVER DUH!!!

I’m pretty sure he agreed, not 100% or anything, but I told him if he refuses me the jeep, I’ll just bring his BUBBA TRUCK to the fucking river, so make a choice man, make a choice, do you want us girls in your bubba truck or the jeep…cuz it’s the RIVER DUH!!!!

I think he HATES me now, or at least hates living with me or actually most likely he just hates having to listen to me rattle on cuz y’all know that I talk just like that, in a LOUD ass voice and OMG I so think I just now created most of a blog post in a simple little email to y’all that should have just been a one line answer instead of my whole fucking life story, but whateves cuz y’all love me like a fat chick loves cake!!!
See...I'm amusing...it's true, or at least I amuse myself, but whatever, even if it's ONLY ME that is amused by myowndamnself, someone is amused, therefore, I AM AMUSING...just say it...Aunt Crazy makes me laugh and is amusing...


  1. Um, Aunt Crazy makes me laugh and is amusing! BAHAHAHAHA! ;)

    So... the 'bubba truck' is like sacred or something, huh? I like how you hit below the belt with that one. I'm betting you'll be taking the Jeep with no problem.

  2. WOOHOO!!! I can. not. wait. So we don't know what we're driving yet? I'd like to see the new Jeep, but the Bubba Truck will be ok too :)

  3. Aunt Crazy makes me laugh and is amusing.

  4. Aunt Crazy makes me laugh and is amusing-and I'm totally not saying it just because you told me to. Cause I'm not soft, dammit.

  5. Aunt Crazy makes me laugh and is amusing. I'm just copying Candance 'cause she rocks.

  6. LOL You are the greatest, Crazy dahling! =) I think I would prefer a Jeep to a bubba truck, but either one will make for one hell of a river trip! =D Which river are you hitting?

  7. Aunt Crazy is amusing and makes me laugh when she sends me emails at work that are 3 paragraphs long but only contain 2 commas and 1 period. But she knows I love her anyway.

  8. This totally needs pictures... cuz my money is on the chicks in the JEEP :)

    Thanks for linkingn up!

    (And I'm dying at Leiah's comment too!)

  9. NO, NOT THE BUBBA TRUCK..... say it aint so...

    and uuuuhhhmmmmmm!!!!! I don't know bout the jeep either... Poor guy......

    Jeez poor Uncle Bubba......

    But hey ya just gotta love Aunt Crazy.....LOL
    (cause she is sooooooo dang amusing) ROFL

    I gotta agree with Rach on this one Leiagh's comment was hilarious....

  10. LEIAH...it was an emergency dammit!!!

    Foursons...I know right! Candance comments on MY blog...how fucking cool is THAT!!!!????!!!!????

    Leiah...is there enough punctuation in THIS comment????????????????????