Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Way Back Wednesday 06/21/10

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This week's topic: What Are Your Favorite Memories From Your Wedding?
Uncle Bubba and I got married on April 8th, 1995, this year was our 15th anniversary. We've been together for 18 years though which is good cuz our boy is 17...HAHAHAHA!!!
We had kind of a redneck wedding, which is still hard for my city girl self to swallow and sometimes I want a do over, but I'll probably never do that.
Uncle Bubba has an older brother. He was a bachelor when we got married and not all that financially stable, so their mom asked him what he was wearing to the wedding and did she need to buy him a suit. He (laughing hysterically) told her nope, he had his outfit all ready for the big day. She demanded he tell her exactly what he was planning to wear. He was laughing so hard he could barely tell her, but finally managed to give her the full details. He said he'd have on jeans and boots and a nice blazer. Of course, she asked him what kind of shirt he was planning to wear. This is where he fell onto the floor, pissed himself, and nearly died from laughing so hard. Eventually, she beat him into telling her he spilled the beans about his shirt. He said that he had a shirt custom made for the wedding. A tee shirt that said "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST" and that when Uncle Bubba said "I do" he planned to jump up, yell OH NO, and yank open his blazer for all the guests to see his tee shirt. She of course told him HELL NO, but called Uncle Bubba to warn him. I told the photographer to be sure and get ready to take pics of all this IF it did in fact happen. Well, brother did not do it, but Uncle Bubba just before he said "I do" turned from me, looked into the guests, and found his brother. He was LAUGHING so hard, he could barely say "I do"!!! The photographer got a picture of him laughing. IF brother had been wearing that shirt, I'm sure Uncle Bubba would not have been able to speak the words "I do" because he would have been lying on the ground from laughing. I'm so sorry that I do not have a digital copy of that picture to share because it is PRICELESS!!! I do, however, have some other REDNECK wedding pictures to share!


  1. I love your story! LOL. I would have killed my husband if she wore a tshirt like that :)

    And red is a big favorite of mine...however, the church we got married in wasn't very approving of my dress due to the color and "too much skin". REALLY? Bah!

    You could always renew your vows and have another wedding.... :)

  2. OMG, I love it!

    I wish that would have happened, haha!

  3. I love your dress and that is hilarious and so something my family absolutely would have done.. wrath of mama be darned..

  4. I love your wedding story, it's hilarious!

  5. great story....

    wish I had a big brother like that...LOL

    and seriously.... I have a younger cousin that could be brothers with Uncle Bubba, he looks so much like him...not even kidding.

  6. what a great story!!!!!
    loved the pics :)