Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blogfia shout out...

From GunDiva:

T!nK at This Is How It Feels has applied to be on a documentary about being gay in America. I think he's got a good story to tell, especially about how he was discharged from the Army under Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Part of how the documentary is cast is based on public voting. What I'm asking of my Blogfia family members is to vote for T!nK (real name: Nathanael) daily and repost this if you'd be so kind. He's currently in second place, behind a woman who has also applied, but who is not gay. Yeah, go figure. She's applied to be on a documentary called "Out in America", which will highlight life as a GLBT person in America and she's straight.


  1. T!nk has my vote for sure! I love that guy! But ummmm shouldn't that whole being straight thing automatically disqualify her?

  2. Thanks a lot Aunt Crazy. Every vote counts.

    Yeah, Salt, I don't get it. For fun, just read Suzy's profile.

  3. I voted and I'm right there wondering how a straight person could even be considered..