Friday, July 2, 2010

Letters of Intent 07/02/10


Dear 17 year old son,
I know you think you can fight off the speeding ticket, but seriously, you aren't going to win. I don't care if you were going 7 miles over (like you say) or 19 miles over (like the trooper says) and I don't care if it was 2am and no work was going on in the work zone. Requesting deferred is the best way to handle this. It keeps this off your driving record and keeps our insurance premiums from going up. I know you think you were not speeding or breaking the work zone laws and while I believe you were speeding, I do agree it's ridiculous to try and fine you extra for being in a work zone when no work was going on, but still, traveling 3 hours or more each way for a minimum of one court date, but most likely 2 or 3 total is not worth it. I know you think you are old enough to take care of this on your own, at the lovely age of 17, but do you really think a judge is going to believe you over the state trooper? Do you really think he's even going to LISTEN to a word you have to say? Please, for the love of firecrackers, listen to me and shut the hell up about this!



  1. lOVE MOMMA.

    OK, I read the whole post, and then that line just made me laugh...

    we tend to end our lectures to our children with,,

    Love Momma..

    I do it all the time..

    Hey,, your flat cat is under that tree limb..
    Love, Momma

  2. Hahaha- yes 17 year olds tend to think they are smarter than the rest of us.


    Let it go. This is one battle not worth fighting.

    The one armed blogger.

    Thanks for linking up and good luck!

  3. crap...this is what i have to look forward to in the next six months! i'll be lookin to you for serious ass-kickin advice...

  4. Hope he listens to his mama!

  5. What kinda odds are you given on this one????LOL

    I's say it's a long shot on him listen to Momma...

    Just saying.....LOL

  6. I remember how I "knew" everything at 17... Man, to go back now and just chill a bit with it. I don't remember stopping that crap till I was 24 and alone because my new hubby went back to school and was never home and when he was he wasn't there as he was too busy to "be" there. That's when it hit me - there was MUCH I didn't know. That feeling got bigger when I was pregnant with my first.
    I hope he listens!

  7. Heck, he needs to talk to Digger who never got around to paying his photo radar ticket from two years ago and just got his license revoked. Should have just paid the $40 ticket. Instead, he's going to be spending close to $400 between fines, SR-22s, and increased insurance premiums just to get his license back.

    What is it with boys? Do their brains drop to their scrotums when their testicles drop?

  8. Guess what? If he goes to Court and the trooper doesn't show, they'll more than likely dismiss the ticket. Seriously.

    Now, will I be seeing you this weekend, or am I being shunned? I just hung up with Candance and told her that I might be seeing you. She said it was a good thing I told her and didn't just send a picture text because we would have BOTH been the subject of a long, loud, foul-language filled hatefest on her blog. But she'd still love us. LOL!

  9. If he listened to you..... he wouldn't be a teen! :D

  10. Oy.

    I gotta say... being in law enforcement (and no one is going to like me here), that if you're speeding, you earn your ticket. If you're in a marked work zone, it's usually double and if you were speeding, you earned it.

    I'm not perfect... I got busted in a school zone while doing the REGULAR speed limit and the light turned on just as I passed it (and there were NO KIDS around)... but yes - they're gonna believe the state trooper over you pretty much every time.

    Sorry... (yes, I've paid my dues). Hope the kiddo listens to ya.

  11. Okay - that sounded waaaay too preachy - didn't mean it to. Just meant that they can be pretty black and white about speeding, and they may not care about his grey area explanation if the trooper is sitting right there...

  12. dude, seriously, listen to your momma. this is one of those times she's right. she's always right, but you should know that by now.