Friday, July 23, 2010

M&P River Trip 2010: the 2nd

We hit the Riverwalk in San Antonio where we had dinner at Dick's. That was well worth the wait! The waiters there behave like assholes and make hats for the customers. The hats were hilarious and our waiter was the BOMB!!! After that, we hit Coyote Ugly for some dancing on the bar...woohooo!!!!!

Canada Stacy, as Leiah calls her, is also blogging about the River Trip...head on over there to read her point of view...LOL

So even though I was nearly murdered by the river behind our house that is made for chilling, we decided to go into New Braunfels for some real floatin the river in a tube and all with all the other folks. The lovely Rockin R had more floaters than ever before, even on a holiday, so they told us. We floated, met lots of pretty cool strangers, only nearly lost one momma to the river when the beer tube she was attached too for her safety pulled her tube into a huge piling, where she was thrown from her tube into the piling and left to float the river without her tube or the beer tube. She was shaken but survived and we floated on down to the end where all holy hell broke loose!!! We got in line for the bus for a ride back to our cars, mind you we are a group of 11 women. People are lining up, no biggie, and we should be on the 3rd bus, maybe the 4th, but it's all good. UNTIL the idiots from the back of the line and the other idiots getting out of the river after everyone else began pushing and shoving and mauling their way onto the bus. It was a nightmare. The poor Rockin R employee trying to control the crowd was doing the best he could. The crowd was getting bigger and bigger and more and more outta control. People were screaming and yelling, pushing and shoving, hell some were even throwin full beer cans at line cutters! I finally decided that the police officers that were on the other side of the crowd, standing around, shootin the shit needed to do some police work and attempt to control the crowd. I went up to the biggest one and I told him that it was getting out of control. He did go over, but the police never even managed to get the crowd under control. One guy got tasered and arrested, a police man's leg/knee were injured, it was awful. One of our mommas began to feel really bad, so she was allowed on the bus with some small kids. She and another momma went to get the cars and come back for us because standing in that line was dangerous to our health and Aunt Crazy was about to lose her temper on some line cuttin bitches. We left the house about 1:30pm to go for a 3 hour float and got back to the house about was a LONG ass day!!!

The next day some of the group hit the river behind the house, you know the one that tried to kill me, while some of the group hit the outlet mall!!!

Aunt Crazy hit the Coach store and scored BIG!!!

That night we had JELLO SHOTS and drunk texts with Crazy Texas Mommy (I was drunk, not her),  drunk dialing, and tons of fun. I had 10 jello shots and managed to walk to bed y' times!!!

More to come...


  1. lmbo I would have whooped some ass in that line just sayin.. although I probably wouldnt have been in that crowd of people ..

  2. You did score big!! I'm crazy jealous.

  3. Thanks for linking me up :) You are also linked to mine ... and Aunt Crazy followers .... I HAVE PICS!!!!

  4. I'd be curious to read the drunk texting... it's probably funny as all hell!!


  5. Sounds like a fun time... except for the crazies in line for the bus. LOVE the green wallet!

  6. Sounds Fun I love San Antonio! Dicks is smashingly fun

  7. Small town cops...hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and ha.

    Glad the rivers were open for y'all.

  8. I think that I remember reading Candance's post the other day and she was drinking Vanilla Rum and Dr. Pepper, or some crazy a@@ drink like that...
    She said something about a sharp A@@ switch blade and Keeping it in a inappropriate place? hope she didn't pop a button or something drastic like that....ROFL

    With your shooters and all perchance you didn't notice that she was slightly inebriated..

    Just saying:

    And maybe you only think you walked to bed??? *snicker*

    you were with all those LIG's after all...

    Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

  9. I was just at the Riverwalk on Sunday night! We were there with friends who got married on Saturday - trust me, I wish we'd been hanging with you LIGs instead. We would have had a whole lot more fun than we did with the people we were with :(

  10. Aunt Crazy was drunk drunk, but, really, who can tell! She's so Crazy when she's stone cold sober, that adding a few jello shots doesn't matter!

    I have pictures of her bewbies as a souvenier, but that was a sober thing, no blaming that on the jello or the river! hahahahahah

  11. I am glad you had a great visit with the girls! I am totally envious of your Coach score!

  12. I love that wallet. Bitch.

    Nope, wasn't drunk. I was the only sober person via phone and I think IRL. Unless you're talking about Saturday. Then I still wasn't drunk, but I did have a righteous buzz. That might have been the high from having an actual weapon with which to stab people, though.