Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Minute 07/26/10

I'm getting a late start today with the Monday Minute but better late than never, right? RIGHT?????

Kmama at The Daily Dribbles is co-hosting with Ian today. These two ask questions and eagerly await Aunt Crazy's responses, y'all been waiting all day huh? On pins and needles I bet, but wait no more cuz Aunt Crazy is here now!!! LOL

Monday Minute

1. Who is your "what-if" person? I'm married to him...sorry nothing juicy to add here.

2. What is your nickname? Aunt Crazy

3. If you could choose how you died, how would you like to die? Peacefully, in my sleep, so that I don't feel scared.

4. If you could have named yourself, which name would you have picked? OMG who the hell knows...LOL I didn't even get to give my children the names I wanted...

5. Who were you named after or for what reason did your parents choose your name? Christy is a name my mom liked and my middle name (which is never ever to be spoken or shared) is the same as my mom and several other family members.


  1. You mean your real name isn't Aunt Crazy?

  2. LOL at you not revealing your middle name. My mom is the same way.

    But Christy is a fabulous name (from one Kristi to another). ;-)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I have a what if person. I'll save that one for the hotel after I've had a few.

  4. You got a family name huh? Those are usually bad... Lil' Bub got a family name and he'll hate me for it when he's older. HAHAHA!

  5. Funny, I tell people my middle name is never to be said. For the longest while I said "Well, I'd tell ya but then I'd have to kill you and I'm really running out of different ideas of what to do with the bodies..."