Tuesday, July 27, 2010

True Story Tuesday

Brought to you by Rachel and Mr. Daddy, it's time for TST!!! Read my funny story, then click on over to read theirs and more...it's always a treat!!!

When Savanna was about 9 or so, she told me that she needed to ask me a serious question. I panicked, but only a little, because seriously, what could be more shocking than "hair down there"? She, very seriously, looked at me (nearly eye level at this point cuz now she's WAY taller than me) and said, "What is a period, and I do NOT mean the one at the end of a sentence?" Oh my hell y'all, I was trying so hard not to laugh, but knew I had to tell her. We talked about it and she said that her and her friends wanted to know but no one would ask their mom so she said she would. I warned her that it wasn't her place to tell her friends, it was their parents place, but I'm pretty sure that she schooled her friends the next day about what a period is, and not the one at the end of a sentence...LOL


  1. SNORT!! Sounds like mine!!

    My daughter (then 8) was watching teletoon when a commercial for tampons came on. She proudly announced (there really is no other way to say how she said it BUT announced) that she was going to use them. I laughed. Then I realized that even if I wasn't ready I had to start the "talk" I have always want to do better than my Mom who just gave me a flyer from public health and told me if I had any questions I could talk to my aunt who was a nurse.


    So I asked her if she knew what they were for and it was all down hill from there. Conversations you just weren't ready to have but had to suck it up for. Gotta love'em.

    I wrote a note to her teacher to warn her on what was coming - only fair.

    She told me a week later that her teacher cleared the guys out of the room one day and had a talk with her class - very informal and very child driven (I applauded the teacher in a note for it that same day!! No seriously, she answered questions that she got then told them they could always talk to their parents about it too) and ALL 8 girls shared and talked. My daughter goes to a small class, very small.

    I can laugh about it now, not then though! Don't you just laugh at how they can always catch us when we aren't paying attention to what could be coming?!?!


  2. LMBO THIS is the reason I am grateful I have boys. My mom didn't even know there were pads that had adhesive on them to stick to your undies. She kept her 'belts' for the diaper sized things she had used.. umm yeah ..

  3. You should be proud that she feels comfortable enough to ask you. But that is sad that no one else did.

  4. Yeah, I've had the conversation. My girl is now 26 and still laughs when she thinks of it.

  5. One reason I am glad I only have boys!

    I think my talk with my mother (after I had started my period the first time) was pretty much... here's a pad, now you can get pregnant. I think my mother didn't mean to be so abrupt, she just didn't know what to say.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  6. Oh thank goodness I have 4 boys.

  7. This is just too funny. I think you should be honored that your daughter was the only one of her friends who felt she could come to you with the question...I'll admit, my mom was the first to start the topic with me, and I was way embarrassed to discuss it with her...I don't have any daughters (yet), but if/when I do, I hope she'll want to come to me with her questions.

  8. I just wouldn't say anything PERIOD.......*snicker*