Monday, August 16, 2010

Apparently...I've been missed

Jennifer Juniper has her panties all in a wad cuz I've gone off the blogging radar without telling her about it...LMAO

She started with this post...

Then went so far as to involve the PoPo y'all...

I'm so glad that someone noticed I was missing and these two posts made me laugh today, on a day when I dreaded returning to work and have been whiny all day because of that fact.

I was in Atlanta for Property Tax School. Yes, that's right, Property Tax School, how much more fun and exciting can my life possibly get???

I promise to notify y'all if I ever need to leave again, although, I planned to blog while I was gone,  but that damn school kicked Aunt Crazy's ASS all the way from Atlanta to Houston and back!!!


  1. Glad you are back! We were sending out the posse!

  2. Consider my panties unwadded.
    Monday just got a whole hell of a lot better.. Aunt Crazy's back!! The world is as it should be and I'm all entertained.

    Welcome back!!

  3. Property Tax school sounds really fun

  4. Your gang knew where you were! But we did miss you. Texas just doesn't feel right without Crazy.

  5. I missed ya girl! Glad you are back and I do hope you got a little bit of down time to do something fun while you were away!

  6. Ooh, property tax school... sounds exciting (not). ;) Glad you're back!

  7. Hmmm... as UNinteresting as property tax school sounds you made MY life very interesting b/c Jenn got her panties in a wad! So see, even when you're NOT blogging, you're doing a social good.
    Crazy? Oh yes ma'am!

  8. Those posts totally cracked me up. We're going to be reminded about that for a while aren't we? "And one time, when there was an APB out on me.." Muah ~ glad you're back, sorry the ATL kicked your booty.

    PS: Thank you for my Scarlett picture - you're the best!

  9. Property Tax school????

    Yeah right!!!!!!

    In Atlanta????

    Yeah RIGHT!!!!!

    did Uncle Buba buy that one???? LOL

  10. Oh I love it!! She invoked a police missing report!! I love it!!


  11. Just went over to read Jennifer how devoted and in love is she with you. I got a warm fuzzy all over from that!
    As for you Aunt Crazy...Property tax school - makes no wonder you couldn't blog. You were probably in a coma.

  12. Welcome Back and thanks for stopping by my blog! Where is your "follow" button?? I wanna stalk... errr I mean.. follow you.