Friday, August 20, 2010

Letters of Intent 08/20/10

It's that time, time to write the letters you need to write to get that stuff you need to get off your chest, well, off your chest. They can be heartfelt or snarky, it's up to you and don't forget to click the button to go in search of the letters written by other awesome bloggers, including the BLOG DOMINATOR herself, Julie of Foursons!!!


Dear headaches,
You have been coming more frequently, and while I say headache, I'm really starting to believe these are migraines. I don't like them and they hurt.

Go away from my head please!!!

Aunt Crazy whose head is still throbbing 36 hours later

Dear school clothes shopping,
I'm done with you, be gone, go away, leave me in peace...please!

Aunt Crazy

Dear bitch on the freeway this morning,
Honey, you looked kind of young to me. Your driving was awful. Put the phone down and pay attention to the road. Oh AND...slow the fuck down! For ME to tell anyone to slow down is the pot calling the kettle black, so if you were driving (or attempting to) faster than me, you need to slow down, just sayin!

When you whip in an out of lanes, cutting me off at least once causing me to flash my bright lights at you as I slammed my brakes, then slam your brakes because the cars in front of you don't want to drive faster than the 80 MPH they are already going, you cause issues in traffic, which the lovely city of Houston already has and doesn't need more of, so just SLOW DOWN!!!

Don't make me have to go all Aunt Crazy on your ass!

Love (notsoverymuch),
Aunt Crazy


  1. Ooh.. your week sounds very similar to mine. Headaches suck. Migraines even more so.

    And school supplies/clothes shopping is like chinese water torture.

  2. Sorry bout the headaches....when I have a headache my buddies say a head like that ought to ache....LOL

    Just saying....ROFL

    what is school clothes shopping????? must be something any self respecting redneck doesn't do!!!!!

    again: Just saying.....*snicker*

    Bad drivers: you just can't fix stupid...

    Really: just saying.

    hope your headache gets better...

    just saying.....

  3. If the pain still lingers it was probably a migraine - take it from someone who knows.

    You probably didn't want to know that, did you?

    I would very mush like to see it if you break one day and GO after another crazy assed driver... even if it's just sitting in the passenger side of the car and calling the highway patrol.


  4. headaches suck!!
    and I am soooo over buying school clothes, school supplies, blah blah blah!!

  5. Sorry about the headaches.

  6. I haven't even begun to do back to school shopping yet. Next weekend. I know it's just going to be stressful.

    Sorry about the headaches. Is it the weather? I always get a headache when we have low barometric pressure for some reason.

    LOL re: the driver. I also always say that if someone is going faster than me, than it's really TOO fast. ;-)

  7. Hope the headaches ease up SOON! :)

  8. Headaches blow. I usually blame them on a lack of one of the following... 1. Sex, 2. cigarettes, 3. money, 4. sanity

    school shopping... yea... there will be a post on that. After I go do it.

    I think I KNOW that chick on the freeway! I was plowing 80 easily and she just slid in & out right past me/in front of me in a way that seriously made me want to call the cops on her.

  9. Oh no, headaches that last that long are not good. This may sound crazy, but put an ice pack on your neck. Lay there for as long as you need to until it goes away. And it SHOULD go away. It works on my migraines every.single.time.

    School clothes shopping for an 8th grade girl and a senior boy doesn't sound like fun. Hopefully it is all finished now!

    Good luck w/the crazy drivers in Houston. I hate driving in that city.

    Thanks for linking up, it's good to have you back!