Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Showing my friend some love

My friend, Canada Stacy, she's having a rough time right now. The last two weeks have kicked her in the heart, the ass, and the mind. She needs some thoughts, prayers, love, whatever it is you do, please, show her some of it, including comment love and compassion.

I love her! We met online way back in 2000. We have met in person several times now and I didn't think it was possible to love her more when I actually met her than I did from knowing her online, but I do.

Plus, she makes a GREAT bed partner...LOL

So, for me, for her, for all that is holy, go on over and show her some comment love and compassion, PLEASE!!!

Stacy...I promise, this smile will grace your face soon and your heart will heal!

Aunt Crazy loves you the mostest!!!

P.S. it's times like this that makes it hard for me to accept that my friends live in the computer and so very far away, because if I could get to Canada right this very minute, I would be there, holding her hand, giving her beer and chips, and giving her gatorade and Advil for the morning after.


  1. what an awesome person you are...my thoughts go out to your awesome friend!

  2. She really is having a rough go of it right now. Hang in there girl.

  3. right about now, my best friends are all from online. My irl friends have had a bad habit of being kinda crappy lately.