Thursday, September 2, 2010


We've had bees.

An infestation of bees, that for some godforsaken reason Uncle Bubba took a kind-hearted approach too and did not want to have them killed. Bees that built a GINORMOUS beehive and honeycomb UNDER our mobile home. Bees that have lived under our home for a fucking decade about three years. These bees mostly minded their owndamnbusiness unless my son was within an eleventy billion mile radius. Me, Uncle Bubba, our daughter, the neighbors, ANYONE except our son, could be around and the bees were just fine. My son, those bees loved to chase and attack him.

So, FINALLY, I called a bee keeper yesterday morning and he came out last night to remove the bees. It took him 3.5 hours to get them all...but he did...ALL of them. There must have been THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of bees underneath our home, but they are all gone.

FIVE of us were standing on the road, watching the bee keeper work his magic, and my son got stung. Seriously, FIVE of us, and he is the ONLY one...I just don't get it!!!

Uncle Bubba needs a little TLC today cuz his little heart is broken cuz those bees have found a new home!


  1. Poor Uncle Bubba...He'll have to get his honey elsewhere!

    My hubby is the one that always gets stung around here, probably because he swings at them and of course he is allergic to them. Fun times!

  2. I am glad the bees are gone! I don't know how you could live knowing there was a zillion bees in your house... the eeeww factor would be too big for me to deal with! Congrats!


  3. Poor Uncle Bubba. I have a stupid dachshund dog that likes to eat bees. She eats them and blows up like a puffer fish then I have to ram benadryl down her throat. She is cute, but a real dumbass.

  4. I HATE bees. I mean seriously. And my husband is mad because we don't have many around to pollinate our garden. I have to go out in the mornings and 'pollinate' some of the plants. When you think about it, I'm giving our plants a hand job every morning. Maybe I'd rather have some bees around. Now I feel like a slut.

  5. Isn't there a bee shortage or something?? I thought I saw that somewhere.. Poor Uncle Bubba.

  6. I'm with crazy woman - the ew factor would get to me.
    Jenn, there is now a bee shortage at aunt crazy's ;)

  7. Yep there is a bee epidemic or something like that, a couple of guys at the shop have bees and they are talking about it all the time.
    And we better keep tight rein on the news that Michelle is giving out free hand jobs in her garden or all the bees or bee keepers are gonna be there...*snicker*

  8. Obviously your son is one "sweet" guy!
    Glad you are free of the bees though!

  9. You're serious??? Your poor kid got stung again - well that's just rotten! Glad they're gone!