Friday, September 24, 2010

Dress Barn event!

I was invited to attend a grand opening at a new Dress Barn store tonight. I will blog about the event AND they are giving me a gift card and a discount coupon to give away on my blog!

The very first thing I did was run out to the local store and see if they had a size I could wear. I did not know this at the time, but Dress Barn has a women's line of clothing as well as the misses sizes. I was so happy, I could fit into the missses sizes because I did not know about the women's stores yet. I was THRILLED to be able to fit into the sizes in the regular store because after years of shopping at the women's stores, I'm ready to be in the regular store. Anyhappydanceway, I shopped until I dropped and told them I would be more than happy to attend the event!

Stay tuned, more details to come!!!


  1. Have fun this sounbds like a good time ...Kind makes you feel like a celeb would me lol

  2. That is such a girl thing......LOL