Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jennifer Juniper Comes to Aunt Crazy's

Aunt Crazy is on hiatus, and since she now knows that we all cry ourselves to sleep at night without her blog, she asked me to write a guest post for her.

I feel like such a RAWKSTAR, I mean really, because we all know that Aunt Crazy is the shit, so for her to ask me.. well, that’s freaking awesome.

Plus, this is my first guest post ever, so I feel all validated.

My name is Jennifer Juniper and I have a little blog with the same name. Mostly I write about the randomness of my life with my husband and two kiddoes.

I call my husband Bean and he is a procrastinator of the finest caliber.

When I ask him to do something “tomorrow” I always have to clarify that I want it done on “my tomorrow” not “Bean tomorrow”.

He’s not lazy, he just gets bored distracted.

So when I texted him today and asked if he had called to make a doctor’s appointment and he didn’t immediately respond with an absolute “yes”, I had to call and check.

Me:Did you make an appointment with Dr. Smith.

Bean: Not yet.

Me: Are you going to??

Bean: Yes…..

Me: Ok.. so right now??

Bean: Well, which Dr. Smith? Because my other doctor is Dr. Smith too.

Me: Dr. Joe Smith.

Bean: And what’s the other Dr. Smith’s name??

Me:(what difference does it make?? Just call Dr. Joe!!)B. Jim Smith. Why??

Bean:Well, because they’re both Dr. Smith.


Bean: What’s my other doctor’s name??

Me: (who cares!! Just call Dr. Joe F-ing Smith!!) I don’t know. Why??

Bean: I just wondered because Dr. B Jim Smith referred me to him.

Me: (So what?!?!? Just call Dr. Joe F-ing Smith!!) ok?? Can you please call and make an appointment with Dr. Joe Smith??

Bean: Yes.

And people wonder why I'm moderately insane..


  1. Funny, that sounds like a discussion with my kids!


  2. I can see that conversation 100%
    You know, for as smoth as he is, I often wonder why he's so darn quirky. Eh, it's not mine to figure out your hubby!!

  3. Now that sounds like a conversation that I could really get into....LOL

  4. Dr. Joe F***ing Smith? I assume he specializes in sexology?