Friday, September 10, 2010

This weekend

My birthday is next week...sigh

This weekend, Uncle Bubba is taking me to Louisiana, just us, no kids, isn't that like a DATE or something???

We have to meet one of his customers in Slidell to delivery some parts, then we are going to spend the day in New Orleans. We are then going to our favorite casino for the night and will head home Sunday morning!

Fun times!!!


  1. Nice! that is totally a date! Have a fab time!

  2. Happy Birthday Hot Stuff - my dh and dd's birthday is next week too. Then mine.
    Long cold winters = Autumn babies.

  3. Make him buy you something nice in Louisiana! Have a blast!


  4. Blah... my birthday MAY be coming up also.

    No good.

    Happy birthday bitch!

  5. Have fun on your hot birthday date!! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

  6. Have a great birthday date!!!

    Have a great time. And don't worry about doing anything Candance wouldn't do - you don't own a purple switchblade, do you?

  7. I'm jealous. I've never been to NO. Maybe we should go in October. Candance can swing by and pick me up, then we can go pick you up and then get Leiah and hit the big easy. Ha ha. big easy. i'm drunk and that's what my husband just called me.

  8. Don't sigh... ignore the number and make it all about you! I celebrate my entire birthday, I'm not joking. It makes a fabulous excuse. "Will you_____?" "Nope, it's my birthday month and I don't want to!"

    Have fun this weekend!

  9. Very nice. And just so you know there was about to be a milk carton with your name on it..