Tuesday, September 21, 2010


YAY True Story Tuesday is back from its summer break and I'm back from Kentucky.

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Our great-niece, LB, came to stay the evening with us last week so her parents could go to a concert. She's never stayed with anyone but her grandma, so she was a little apprehensive, but excited to go see "her vanny" as she calls my Savanna. But...to tell the story right, you gotta know that a couple weeks back I saw her and when she saw my phone, she said, "Crazy you have Blackberry?" I died laughing, she's not even 3, and she knew what it was, well come to find out, she has a Blackberry. It doesn't work or anything, but she has one too. So, last week, she shows up at the house and says "Crazy, I bringed my Chanel purse, look!" I cracked up and asked if her Blackberry was in it. She said, "No, just my extra panties!"

Gotta love a girl that is prepared, right?!?!?!


  1. She's like a girl scout, that girl. She comes prepared! It's so funny what they pick up on. Avery makes me laugh every day with her comments.

  2. Oh that's awesome! She is going to be fun!

  3. LMAO!! I love being the aunt of little girls like that!!

    Welcome back!!

  4. Haha- yup! I always pack extra when I'm going on a trip.

  5. Yes, this is priceless. Maybe one day she'll say the exact same thing when she's out on a date. (oops sorry, I didn't say that!)

  6. What can a guy say to that????LOL

    glad that you got back safe.

    thanks for linking up.

  7. She is a hoot and a holler! I was totally unprepared for that punchline!

    Sounds like a fun chick to have around!

  8. how adorable!!!
    I can relate though..on EVERY trip I bring MASSIVE amount of undies...it's ridiculous

  9. LMAO! That girl is off to a stellar start in life...LOVE her!