Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The catch up blog post, cuz sometimes I suck at blogging

Last week was full of the insane, crazy thing we call our life.

Let's see if I can re-cap it:

Monday: Volleyball practice after school means she's at school from 8am til 5:45pm, pitching lesson 8-9pm which we skipped so Savanna could hang out with her friend at a 4H meeting instead.
Tuesday: Volleyball practice before school, which means she's at school from just before 7am until 4pm when they get out. This is also the day I had that brilliant idea about making mums for the volleyball team. While Savanna was at the junior high football games, I was running back and forth between craft stores buying the stuff.
Wednesday: Volleyball practice before school, which means she's at school from just before 7am until 4pm when they get out. She has softball practice on Wednesdays, but she skipped to ride in the homecoming parade. While she was there, I was at home cutting ribbons and attempting to organize making 12 mums. When she got home from the parade, she put 12 of them mostly together.
Thursday: Volleyball practice before school, game after school, we got home and still had to put the finishing touches on the mums and make a 13th mum.
Friday: Volleyball practice before school (where we delivered the mums) and a tournament started that night. I called in sick this day to deliver mums, go back to take pics after they got dressed from athletics class, shopped, got my hair done, did some laundry, and got stuff ready for the tournament. Chance's homecoming game was this night, his last one for his school cuz he's a senior!!!
Saturday: Savanna's 14th birthday, they got 2nd place in the tournament. Her birthday party was from 9-midnight that night. She got tons of cash, some cute Texas Longhorn stuff, and from us, an iPod Touch. Oh and in case I forgot to mention, yes, yes my mother gave my daughter a taser for her birthday!!! LOL
Sunday: She went to a birthday party for some (twin) friends and horrible mother that I am, I let her skip practice to go! Uncle Bubba, Chance & his girlfriend, and me all went to my nephew's 2nd birthday party.
Monday morning about 2am, Savanna woke up puking her guts out, so I called in again. Turns out, more than half the volleyball team, one of the twins (who spent his bday party sleeping), and several other boys were sick as well. Oh and they had no school. My son had an upset stomach too. I did post on FB that while I felt bad for them for being sick on their day off, the mean mom inside me did feel as if it was some (but only a little dang) revenge for having to attempt to survive their teenaged years. Obviously, she skipped pitching this night too.
Tuesday: She stayed home again because she was still really weak. She asked me to take her to the batting cages last night since she skipped practice and I did but $10 in the cages wore her ass out!
Today: I'm tired, everyone is tired. She's back at school today. She even went to practice, which was moved from 7am to 8am. No one bothered to tell her that and the coach did not notify anyone. One would think that if half the team is absent one day and you change practice time for the next day, a phone call or email would be appropriate, but apparently NOT! So my kid and at least one other that I know of spent an hour outside the school this morning, alone.
After reading all that, it feels like my son isn't mentioned much but he's a senior. He goes to school half day, works half day, and spends most of his remaining time with his girlfriend or friends. He doesn't have much time for us.

Because I love you, here are some pictures!!!


  1. Whew, y'all are way to busy!

    Love that she got a taser! I think every girl needs one. My dad gave me one when I graduated high school and I'm not sure if it was even legal. He told me not to be showing it off to anyone. HA!

    I loved making mums. My SIL went to high school in AL and I got all excited about making mums for her homecoming only to find out that they had no clue what they were. Apparently they didn't do the whole mum thing. Shoot, my mum my senior year was as big as my head. LOL!

  2. Busy, busy, busy. And senior is like that for the kiddos. They are gone all year and then cost us an arm and leg before they graduate w/all the things they need.

  3. OMG, that post just wore me the hell out. Now I feel bad for bitching about having to go to the grocery store.

    Uh, love the cake! Holy Hell, it's gorgeous!

  4. I'm just fascinated by this mum business. I had no idea what a homecoming mum was until I had a student trainer who was from Texas and her mother was horrified that there were no mums here, so she made all of the female trainers mums for Homecoming. I just gotta tell you, do you know how effing hard it is to tape someone's ankle when there's a 12" mum in the way? And I'm 5' tall, I was tripping over the streamers all freakin' night.

    But still...I'm fascinated by them.

    And I had no idea boys got mums too.

  5. Jenna wants to play volleyball and I'm starting to think that it might not be the best idea. Hmmmm. Nick is home sick with strep and his dr. won't release him to go back to school till friday. He still has a swim meet saturday, so that sucks.

  6. Geesh! Sounds like one crazy ass week! Yikes!

    My 10 year old just started volleyball last week. I'm so excited for all of the opportunities, especially reading about Savanna!

    And, um, I've never heard about homecoming mums. Guess I'm off to figure this out!!

    Hope everyone is back to healthy now!

  7. So,,,, what did you do in your spare time?????

    just saying....

  8. My head's spinnin' just readin' about your busyness!