Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keyboarding 101

I can feel the time rushing by. I can feel the days running together. Wasn't it just New Year's day? Is it really almost Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas???

For the love of Dr. Pepper, please, give me a damn break!

I work and I go to school online. I signed up for another online class at the community college cuz I need some lower level classes. Me, just call me fucking brilliant, cuz, well mostly, call me that cuz I am, but seriously, sometimes, I have to wonder, what happens to my thinking skills???

I skimmed through the 8 week mini semester options. So many too choose from! Me, I'm all about taking the easy way when I can, aren't y'all??? know you want things to be done the easy way.

So, in all of my brilliant glory, I chose...wait for it...wait...are you ready??? I picked Keyboarding. Why yes, yes that is another word for typing. I thought to myself, Self, you've been typing for 20 years, this will be nice and easy. Myowndamnself said back to myowndamnself, Self, this is a really smart idea!

I signed up, I bought the book, I tried to download everything to my work computer, cuz, well, while they pay me to work, I do sometimes squeeze in some school work and hoped this would be no different. Boy, was I wrong. Fine, I downloaded everything on my laptop at home and off we go! I read the syllabus, email my agreement with the class contracts, email the instructor that I'm ready and that I am checking in, and begin with lesson one.

OMeffinG y'all...who the hell knew it was so fucking hard to type??? I mean, I type a lot, all day, I chat, I text, I know where the damn keys are! Apparently, I also use that little backspace key quite a bit to correct my errors. Did you know that the online typing class frowns up that little action right there? Let that just sink in for a minute. THEN add to that the fact that the laptop keyboard is NOT my friend, as a matter of fact, I truly believe that the bastard HATES me with a passion at this point. I mean, I got through the first weeks TEN lessons and hopefully did well enough to pass. One week down, seven more weeks to go!!!

At this point, I only need to pass, because I have no hopes of earning that coveted A in Keyboarding 101 even though I've been typing for 20 years.


  1. Oh my goodness, who would have guessed? I would have thought the same thing as you. Keyboarding- EASY "A".

  2. lmbo yeah they want 30 wpm I had a friend in vocational school who made me sound like I was standing still on the keyboard she could type 126 WPM .. yeah that is some speed right there

  3. Thirty five years ago, I got up to 30 WPM with ten errors on a manual typewriter. I haven't gotten any better...


  4. That laughter you hear is me laughing with you. WITH YOU, not at you.

  5. LOL, now that is funny right there,,,, I don't care who you are....

  6. I took it in High school and the bitch of a teacher played polka music and expected us to type to the beat. I don't know what I hate more, her or polka music.

  7. I just read Michelle's comment. I took typing in ninth grade, when it was still in junior high, and my teacher also played music to type to. I still can't hear 'Sad Eyes' or 'Cocaine' without immeidately wondering if my fingers are at 90 degree angles and my wrists are not droopy. I have no doubt you will make an A in this class!

  8. Girl, you crack me up! Ten years working in an office with a typing speed of 80+wpm and I wouldn't be able to type on a laptop to save my life (and that backspace key is my BFF). :)

  9. ROFLOL! Same here!! Which is why I bought a full-sized keyboard for my laptop. I have 2 actually a plug in and a bluetooth.

    Good luck!!