Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TST 10/26/10

My great niece, LB, she is just precious. She's what I call "scary smart" meaning that she's so damn smart her momma should be skeered and she is cuz Aunt Crazy taught her well. Well, that and LB's momma was Savanna's babysitter for a summer and when Savanna got mad at something my niece did or said, well one time anyway, Savanna threw a battery at her and it hit her in the head. Oh and just so you know, people call Savanna "cannon" cuz she has a cannon for a throwing arm. Yep, that girl of mine, she's a catcher! Anyway, if my niece learned anything from me or that battery throwing 4 year old Savanna, it's listen to Aunt Crazy cuz she's smart and always right!

Moving on, last week, LB was playing in the yard and came running to her momma showing her what she had deemed the best rock EVER cuz it was so pretty and old and beat up and cracked all over. LB's momma gushed over that most beautiful rock EVER until LB proudly proclaimed that it was her "CRACK ROCK" and told this to anyone who would listen. Oh yes y'all she did! She put her CRACK ROCK on display and showed it off and told everyone it was her CRACK ROCK. LB's momma however did not think this was as cute and funny as everyone else did! That girl, she's gonna be trouble in ten years when she's 13 instead of 3...bwahahahahaha


  1. Ha! That is classic. My boys would love to add a crack rock to their collection.

  2. That's awesome! There are women that work hard for those crack rocks. I know, cause I've seen them in one of the slummy hotels NJ forced me to stay at in Austin.

    My girl is a catcher, too!

  3. Crack rock?!! OMW! Is this the same one with the spare panties in her purse? Bahahahaha!

  4. Priceless. I love kids like that, they're so much fun.

  5. No way!!! Just no way! I would have either peed myself or tried to hide under a (crack) rock! :)

    Thanks for linking up - and for the laughs!