Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What was I thinking???

OMG y'all, how do I get myself into these types of messes???

Our hometown homecoming game is this Friday night, well my daughter's volleyball team has a tournament, so they can not attend. Well, I apparently lost control of my senses (read that as never has any form of control, thus the name Aunt Crazy) and decided that it would be really sweet and great for the girls if I made small mums for the team to wear to school Friday and to their game Friday night.

There are TEN girls and a coach y' case you can't quite grasp that total, it's ELEVEN!!!

Yep, I'll be making ELEVEN homecoming mums tonight...someone may have to rescue me from myowndamnself at some point because obviously, I'm incapable of making well thought out decisions.


  1. At least it's not 50! They will look fabulous! You are Aunt Crazy because you do awesome stuff like this!

  2. Bwhahahaha- what were you thinking?!

  3. Make you a pot of coffee... sounds like a long night ahead! :)

    P.S. You do know they can never be 'small' right? They take on a life of their own and you can't help but to keep adding crap to them. Well, have fun! :D

  4. As long as it's just not me that does that... there's some pretty odd shows on in the late night at least you'll have a good time laughing at them while you make Mums.


  5. U b a Crazy Bitch with a heart of gold TWICE the size of Texas!!!

    Heart You!!!


  6. You are Aunt Crazy, but I must be too because I would have done the same thing. Good Luck!

  7. Mr Daddy- I think a mum is what the Brits call their mothers.

    (Are you sure you want me dropping by, Aunt Crazy?)

  8. Doh! The things we get ourselves into. :) Can't wait to see photos.