Friday, November 12, 2010

About my boy

Chance has been complaining of his chest hurting and that it hurts when he breathes in. This started about 4 weeks back. I figured it was indigestion and had him take Tums. It persisted. Last Friday, he saw his dr and she had him have a chest x-ray and an EKG. The chest x-ray came back normal. We had not heard anything about the EKG as of yesterday. Yesterday, he woke up in pain, went to school, and then began texting me about it. I called the dr, they told me to send him to the school nurse. The school nurse recommended we take him to the ER, as did our dr because if we went to the dr office, they would have to send him for more tests anyway. The ER dr was able to view the EKG from Monday and it was abnormal. They did bloodwork, urine tests, and another EKG yesterday. The blood and urine were both normal but the 2nd EKG was abnormal again. The test is showing a delay in a conductor on the right side of his heart. The ER dr spoke with a cardiologist, but I did not. They told her to tell me to call our dr and see a cardiologist. This morning, I spoke with our dr office again and he is scheduled to have an Echocardiogram on Tuesday afternoon. Once that test is evaluated and the report sent to our dr, which can take up to 2 weeks, they will call me with further instructions. The ER dr thinks that his chest pain is NOT related to this delay. She feels that he strained himself either doing exercise or lifting something heavy. I disagree, I feel like it's either reflux or anxiety, but I will address that with our own dr the next time we see her.

At this point, I am not overly concerned, because we are taking the necessary steps to get a finalized diagnosis, but it's hard not to worry a little bit.

Thank goodness for excellent insurance and Texas Children's Hospital!!!


  1. My fingers are so crossed for you!


  2. Girl, that's scary! Sounds like you've got everything under control though. I will keep Chance in my prayers, and I hope the pain resolves for him and the abnormality on the EKG is nothing to worry about.

  3. That is so scary. I'm glad you have been pursuing this until you get an answer. I will continue to pray for Chance.

  4. OH that would scare me to death. But my middle son did the same thing. Doctor finally said he was growing sofast his muscles there were having a hard time keeping up so basically really strong growing pains.. Keeping you all in our prayers..

  5. I will say a prayer for him. And this time I don't mean I'll scream Jesus Christ at my kids when they are being bad.

  6. always a concern when it is your children.

    I remember the day I found out about Itty Bits bad kidney....

    I think the world just stood still for a bit...

    will be keeping him my prayers...(and you too)

  7. That all sucks, Chick, but at least you're holding it together and being optimistic. That's way awesome! When I'm praying for God to grant me the strength to please not kill my children (that included NJ), I'll throw in a good word for Chance.

  8. So sorry.. Chest pains are scary. Especially when it's your baby.

  9. How old is your guy? My little sister had something similar, in fact she still does and the Dr. said it was due to a think cartilage in her veins. It was very painful for her, and I even took her to the ER once for it.

  10. Praying for Chance.

    And we love Children's Hospital.

    So thankful that you are getting good medical care for him and praying that you get answers soon.

    And don't ever let someone minimize what your mommy instinct is telling you. Keep advocating for him until you are comfortable with their answers. But I know I don't have to tell you that - he's a lucky kid to have you in his corner.

    Much love.