Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The annual family reunion

Even though I brought both of my cameras, I never took a picture...imagine that!

This is Uncle Bubba's annual family reunion in East Texas, yep with the rednecks. We decided to have Christmas with his mom and sisters and all the family on Friday night and the reunion was Saturday and Sunday.

When we got to his mom's house, LB and Pickle ran to give me hugs, as if they hadn't just seen me a couple days before, but I love their hugs. Pickle hugs me tight and says, "Crazy, I love you new haircut!"

Sweet, no??? "Cept, I haven't had a haircut y'all...LOL I guess he sees me in a ponytail so often that my "did" hair was a new haircut to him. Christmas was fun, the babies loved their gifts and it was a great way to kick off the holiday season. I hope we do this every year.

One cousin reportedly told my son at last year's reunion that he needed to check out that pretty girl right there, my son tells him that she was his own cousin, the reply of one cousin, "well, cousins is for practice!" Rednecks, y'all, rednecks!

Saturday, LB dragged me to checked out the chickens and then made me play "tag" with her, until I was gasping for air and begging for someone to light me a smoke...LMFAO

Sunday, Pickle told me he wanted a drink. I always give him Dr. Pepper, cuz Aunt Crazy is good like that, and as we were walking toward the cooler, he says, "Crazy, are you SICK???" I said, "nope, Pickle, do I look sick?" He said, "if you not sick, I want YOU drink" LMFAO that kid cracks me UP!!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for so very much, but mostly my family and my friends.

Y'all travel safe, enjoy the day, eat too much, and watch a lot of football. I'm not a big football person, but I hear those Aggies are traveling to Austin to take on the Horns. HOOK 'EM Horns!!!

p.s. our local high school, where my son is a senior, is playing in the third round of football playoffs this weekend. Our town has gone and blue everywhere, community pep rallies, signs in windows. It's what small town Texas Friday Night Lights is all about I guess. I'm loving it!!! Go Mavs...kick some Indian ass this weekend!!!


  1. I love this layout!!

    Sounds like a great time, but didn't I hear something about condoms as a gift???

  2. "cousins are for practice" ROFL

    Rednecks...... You gotta love EM!!!!!!!!!!

    just saying.....

    Have a Great Thanksgiving...

  3. As redneck as my family can be, I still dont' think I've ever heard that cousins are for practice. If you saw my cousins, it would make you a little sick to your stomach.

  4. Yikes! That Cousins comment was just too funny! Glad you had a good time!