Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is it just me???

Or does something about this not sit well???

My daughter missed school last Friday, she's in junior high school, 8th grade. Friday night, we attended the high school football game.

Monday morning, she was called into the office and asked why she wasn't at school and why she was at the game. She was told that it is against school district policy for a student who misses school to attend any after school event, at all, ever. She was told that she could be asked to leave an event if it happened again and she could be punished. She felt like they were trying to intimidate her and did not respond kindly. She told them that she wasn't feeling well and that she was at that game with her parents and to call them. She was then told that her "disrespect" would not be tolerated and if she did not stop it, she would be given in school suspension.

I forgot to send a note, but we have 3 days to do so and in all of my years of parenting a school aged child I have never had one questioned about their absence nor have I been contacted about an absence. If a note is sent, it's marked excused, if no note is sent, it's marked unexcused.

Now, I've always known the rule is if you aren't at school, you can not participate in an after school event. She was a spectator, not an active participant.

I called and spoke with the person that had this discussion with her who tried to tell me that he was only trying to inform her of the district policies. He made it all sound very sweet and kind. My question was why didn't he contact one of her parents. She's a kid, she can't drive herself, we had her stay home and we took her to the game, so to me, that's an adult conversation. He said he disagreed and has the right to question students as he sees fit and is not obligated to contact parents. She said that the attendance clerk pulled her from the lunch line to fill out some form because she did not have a note and that the man questioning her was nasty and used a mean, hateful tone from the get go, that he was not being nice at all.

Well...the person taking tickets at the game Friday night is the attendance clerk at her school. So, bright and early Monday morning, she told the vice principal that she had been absent but at the game, which is what brought all this on. WTF...who does that and why? What was the point? She walked into the football game with both of her parents, the woman spoke to both of us, but did not bother to say anything at that time, she waited and had her called into the office for this???

I have searched high and low and can not locate this policy anywhere on our district website. I asked for the vice principal to send it to me in writing, but he won't, or at least he hasn't.

In the long run, I know it is a non-issue but it really pissed me off!!!


  1. Oh HEEEELLLL no.
    Not only was it not a function AT HER SCHOOL, but not any of their damn business! I could understand if it was a school dance or other activity at the school. To ATTEND a game at another school level, with your parents? And then not call you but give her the 3rd degree about it? Oh HELL no.
    She could have had a migraine or simply missed the bus or any number of NORMAL reasons to miss school but to make the assumption that she was faking sick and then imply that she was out partying or whatever, frankly, it's none of their damn business. You could have kept her out of school to take her shopping and it's none of their business. Sheesh.
    The part that irritates me (aside from the obvious ticket taker rat bitch) is the part where IT WAS NOT A FUNCTION AT HER SCHOOL.
    morons. All morons, I tell ya.

  2. It wasn't handled right at all. That attendance clerk could have said something then. Or you should have been called instead of her being called to the office.

  3. Wow, that really burns my butt. What kind of example does it set when the adults bully the child? Craziness. That man was being a total prick and he knows it. And the attendance clerk? Complete nosy busybody.

  4. When you were texting me this the other day I didn't catch onto the different grade level function of it. If I saw that Sister-Needs-To-Mind-Her-Own-Business-Attendance-Clerk/Ticket-Taker-Mrs-Kravitz-wannabe I'd probably punch her in throat. Just saying...

  5. I could write a whole post on how I dealt with school staff and faculty. And maybe I will one day. I know they have no right to interrogate a child without notifying the parents. Especially if it is a school policy that a child could be suspended. Attendance policies can affect parents because now the parents can be held accountable for their child's attendance. You have every right to be angry with them.

  6. I disagree, I think this is a big issue. If someone is speaking to YOUR minor child, you have a right to be present. Every.single.time. Seriously, I would right a letter to the next higher up. Whomever that may be. And keep going higher-up until someone responds. I can almost guarantee that if the principal ignores you he won't when you contact the superintendent.

  7. Don't stop till someone apologizes to your child.

  8. That is a big old nunya! As is nunya business! What they did was wrong, plain and simple. Take it up the ladder Aunt Crazy, just like Julie said. Someone will eventually have to listen.

  9. Borrow Candance's purple knife.
    Take care of the problem.
    I'll hold the bail.

  10. That type of attitude has NO place in public school system.......PERIOD!!!!!!!

    This is just plain old bullying. It can be defined as the assertion of power through aggression.

    This with the busy-body attitude of Miss B@tch ticket taker, makes for a rather hostile environment for you child.

    I would venture to say that it could be considered your duty, to stick up for your daughter.....

    the bitch should be slapped.......

    the Dude should be emasculated......

    just saying.....

  11. I am with you girl... I hate the way schools are run now days... in fact I had a meeting at my sons school today about it.

    I bet you will not find that rule any where because it does not exist. But, they sure do make you think it does.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog today!!