Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aunt Crazy is getting out the soapbox

Pardon me while I climb my short ass up onto the soapbox. I just feel this overwhelming need to spew this vileness from my fingertips and then hopefully I won't be bothered with it anymore.

I read an article today about a boy that was kicked out of public school for having long hair. His hair is in braids, neatly, and does not reach below his collar, yet he was suspended. Why does the public school care if a student has long hair? Why does the public school get to make different rules for boys and girls?

While I was never subjected to these rules, I have heard of a time when girls had to wear dresses and boys could wear pants. Those rules were changed to reflect the changing times. Why haven't school districts realized that boys and girls can both have long hair? I've seen so many little girls with long hair, looking awful, not taken care of, yet this boy with his neatly done hair is being kicked out of school...I just do not understand it.

I understand that there are rules in place and we have to follow rules we don't necessarily like or agree with but come on, this kid is SIX years old and his hair is neatly done, it's not wild and crazy. Hell, my 14 year old daughter's hair is long, thick, curly, and a hot mess most of the time, but because she has a vagina and not a penis, the school doesn't give a shit? Seriously??? I also understand that in the workplace, there are dress codes and hair rules. As adults, we can CHOOSE where we work, period, we have options. When I accepted my current position with my company, I accepted it knowing that I would have to dress according to the corporate environment, which was a HUGE change from the capris and flip flops I had been wearing for years. I CHOSE that, I made that decision, I had an option. This little boy, he likes his hair, he doesn't want to cut it, he can't choose where he lives or where he goes to school. And for anyone who wants to say that a 6 year old doesn't know what he likes with regard to his hair, I call bullshit. Both of my kids have been very vocal about how they want their hair since they were about 3 or 4 years old, so I certainly believe that this 6 year old boy has an opinion about his own hair.

I know people will agree with me and others will disagree and I'm ok with that. I just don't like that as parents, we have given over such control of our children to public schools that only seem to care about perfect attendance so they can get their daily cash for headcount.

SIGH, I'm climbing down from the soapbox now.


  1. Here at my kids school there are a ton of boys with long hair. One of them has a ponytail much longer than mine (to his mid-back in a tail) and no one says a word to him.

    My kids school go to a different language school but watching the english kids get on their bus I see the same. It's kind of fashion here for longer hair on boys - no one objects much.

    I don't see the point of judging things sexist-ly. Why can't boys have long hair?!? Girls have short hair all the time. Even keeping it out of his way - I've seen a lot of hair that is cut to lie over 1/2 their faces so that seeing out clearly must be hard to do!!

    It's HIS hair - gawd help the one person who tells me what to do with it!

    Darn... I got on the soapbox too. Here - take it back...


  2. I just wanna say... I love you. I TOTALLY agree.

  3. So I guess they're going to kick out the next girl who comes to class with a short-short haircut, right? Because obviously boys have short hair and girls have long.

  4. We had a case like that here last school year (I think. I could've been last week as bat shit as I am right now) and I totally sided with the kid, despite the fact his parents were twits. One of our news guys had a good point when he said that, according to that particular school district's rules, Jesus would've also been kicked out of class. Go figure.

  5. That is nuts. My boys all have long hair. Not super long, but longer than your average boys' hair cut. But, they look cute.

  6. long haired skater punk boy in my house! When he was in 4th grade, he had a "contest" going with a first grader to see who would have the longest hair by the end of the school year! In elementary, it really wasn't a problem at all... no that he's in middle school... teachers are judge-y... but whatever... he's a teenager... long hair is the LEAST of my worries! LOL

    I hate public school... completely...totally... in every way shape and form!

  7. I couldn't agree more! I also get frustrated when schools try to tell kids they can't wear make-up. I have a child that was born to wear make-up and even though she is only 6 to me this isn't a big deal. A friend of mine 9 year old daughter was kicked out of school for wearing make-up. And the thing is the 9 year old had a good point, she asked the teacher why she was allowed to wear make-up to school if make-up wasn't allowed at school. I think if the parent doesn't have an issue with the hair or make-up than why should the school? I am in the camp of saving the no's for the big stuff. Kids are people and need to have a little room to express who they are!

  8. Schools spend so much time and energy on crap like hair length that is in no way related to education. They need to be educators and let the parents be parents.

  9. I call BS too I think it is jacked up that schools think they can choose one's hair unless it is a paid private school with those rules in place I think public schools should allow our children to be individuals with in the limits of non disctraction and let them grow to be adult individuals that is how free thinking and the greatest inventions of man kind have come forth

  10. Eek! I agree with you!

    My kiddo started styling his own hair when he was two and I have the pictures to prove it.

    We ran into a family at Baskin Robbins this past spring. I commented on their beautiful daughter. Turns out that it wasn't an Indian princess, but rather an Indian PRINCE!

    And the mom was totally used to it - and shrugged it off and treated us gracefully.

    We just ran into them again at a sporting goods store. And his hair was just as long. And I thought it was cute that Itty Bit and the little girl were playing so well together when I realized that the little guy actually REMEMBERED us. And it made not a bit of difference how long his hair was - because that smile was what stood out.

    (I hope somebody is doing something about this poor kid's education... *sigh*)

  11. I don't care who gets kicked out for hair, as long as they include the boys with the Justin Bieber hairstyles . . .