Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DONE DONE DONE and Follow Me Back Tuesday

Since Saturday, I've been DONE, done with the shopping, done with the wrapping, done with getting the stockings ready...DONE, as in put a fork in Aunt Crazy cuz she is D.O.N.E!!! I even made my grocery store run Saturday afternoon! It feels so good to be ready this early. No last minute shopping, no staying up all night wrapping, no being so sleepy on Christmas morning that I can barely function...wooohooo YAY ME!!!

How are y'all doing with your Christmas preparations???

This week, in hopes of finding some great, new, fun, and interesting blogs, I'm linking up for Follow Me Back Tuesday...fun times y'all, fun times!!!

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  1. Hello from a freezing cold UK where I am now spending Christmas having just had my holiday cancelled due to the weather. Part of me is delighted because I can sit inside and read great posts and meet new 'friends' in blogworld. Part of me would have liked to have left the lousy temperatures..oh well :)I have no idea how I got here but it looks fun. I'm going to have a little snoop through your posts now if that's alright.
    If you feel like popping over and maybe following me you would be more than welcome. Kindest wishes
    Carol from www.facing50withhumour.blogspot.com -the blog that gives you laughter lines...gee that is such a bad tag line...must think of something more appealing.

  2. OMG, Little Miss Prepared. We wrapped the presents we've bought. I still have to finish tomorrow. I kind of want to punch you right now for being done. But I still love ya!

  3. I feel like your bragging... You deserve to but it kinda feels like it. Ah well. I need to wrap the gifts so I know I haven't forgotten anyone and then I get to sit still.

    Well, that is till I find I have forgotten someone and have to go back out.


  4. My first thought upon reading this was Candance was gonna be soooooo jealous...LOL

    Then I read her comment....OMG!!!!! I think I need to send her a little Grinch-me-not sprouts....

  5. Ok, Candance & Mr. Daddy are cracking me up. I will admit to being a tiny bit jealous that you are done. Hubs and I are wrapping presents tonight, and I have to mail a few last minute things (that will get there late) tomorrow, and then we should be done. Oh, and candy making on Thursday - but that's more play than work anyways.

  6. from FMBT please follow me here@ Step It Up!

    Thanks :)

  7. wow I am impressed that you are all done. I am kinda just getting started. I work best under stress

  8. Hi there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop! Lovely blog:) You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com
    Take a peek at my giveaways when you come by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous:)
    Happy Holidays!!!

  9. Well, yay for you! No one likes a bragger. haha! Let's see... nothing wrapped yet, still waiting on 3 boxes of stuff to be delivered, and hubby has to go to the grocery store.

    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! :)

  10. Hope your Christmas went well!

    Just hopping on over! I found you on the blog hop. Please follow me too!