Friday, December 17, 2010

Savanna made me laugh today

Actually, both of my heathen teenagers make me laugh almost every day, but today it was her, via text. I mean, if I don't laugh at them, I may have to strangle them, right????

Savanna: me and my friend are going for a run, is that ok?
Momma Crazy: sure
Savanna: do you want me to take my taser???
Momma Crazy: nope
Savanna: darn

Seriously...the girl is 14, she has a shotgun, a rifle, and a taser AND her daddy wants to buy her another gun, that she's asked for of course, and she'll end up getting it...LOL


  1. That's my kind of girl! Love it!

  2. Well, she's well prepared! Next time tell her all the weapons will weigh her down too much!! :-) A woman needs to be prepared!


  3. A well armed woman demands respect....LOL

  4. She's got more amo than the Canadian military! LOL

  5. santa always looks at me funny when my kids ask for weapons.

  6. Can Uncle Crazy adopt me? I've got a gun wish list that's as long as my arm. And it's about to get longer, since I'm headed to SHOTshow in January.