Monday, January 10, 2011

Aunt Crazy goes random

Remember this post, yeah, well, HA to you Keyboarding 101, I rocked that bitch and earned the coveted A in typing...aren't y'all proud???

Last week, the Pickle family came over to use our shower, cuz they didn't have any hot water. Pickle Momma tells Pickle it's time for his bath, he gets this serious look on his face and says, "Crazy, do YOU have hot water?" I tried to control my laughter, but I was cracking up, I did manage to tell him that we did have hot water at our house.

The week before, we babysat my nephew Deuce overnight, he's 2. We were eating dinner and I was talking to him. He's very shy and he doesn't speak much. So, I'm chattering away and Uncle Bubba starts to laugh. I look over at Deuce and he's looking at me, shaking his head, while he has his fingers shoved in his ears. Uncle Bubba said he felt like doing that a lot when I'm talking.

Chance brought home a puppy on Friday night. I think that makes me a granny, to a he calls me Granny Crazy. He's really cute and tiny but is a Pit and will be big soon enough. In the middle of the night, as I wandered to the potty, Chance hollers at me, Mom take IT, it's kept me up all night! I said welcome to parenthood son...LOL Then I took the sweet devil to bed with me.

I'm almost done with college. Hopefully by my birthday, I'll be all graduated and stuff. It's not going to be easy cuz I have to double up now on some classes to get it done by then, but I'm determined and I hope I have the stamina to hang tough.

Cuz I love you, here is Pickle and Duke, my grandpuppy...

Pickle LOVES Chance's puppy and took care of him allllllllll weekend...LOL


  1. Have to laugh at him putting his fingers in his ears!

  2. Fingers crossed you graduate this spring without driving yourself into the ground.

    Remember to breathe as well as work hard!


  3. Congrats on your A!

    And your grandpuppy, too, I suppose :)

  4. Out of the mouths of babes! I was having one of those "momma' moments this morning where I was sniffling with love for The Boy and he nodded his understanding and said, "Kinda like this one time at the Daytona 500 this guy's daughter..." and I thought simultaneously, "Umm... NO, not like that" and "OMGracious, you are SUCH a BOY!"

  5. Hang tough with college - sounds like you are really close! I'm loving that grandpuppy! Too cute!

  6. Is Deuce his real name, or just a nickname cause he goes number 2 alot? Just askin

  7. Congrats on your grandpuppy! And I love the whole "fingers in his ears" thing, because Itty Bit does that too! Bet it's not gonna be so cute in a couple years though... I need to prepare myself, LOL.

  8. Congrats on the A!!
    Pickle and Duke are too cute!!
    Love the fingers in the ears thing! hahahaha
    And, congrats, grandma! ;-)