Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Education is trying to kill me, I'm sure of it and those Southern Girls are up to something on their blog

I've been enrolled at University of Phoenix forever but completion looms on the horizon, or at least in my distant future, not in the red zone or anything, but maybe close to that, except I don't really know what the red zone is but I heard it on a movie and I knew it was about football cuz they said yardline and even I know that a yardline is in football, duh. I've asked Uncle Bubba to give me a Football 101 lesson, but he said it would have to be called Football for Dummies, cuz any idiot can watch the game and figure it out, but all I see are cute asses in tight uniforms running around on some fake grass. One time at a Texans game, I was sitting in the front row with my cousin cuz he knows all about the football, so much so that he has season tickets in the front row, right by where the players enter the field and OMG the cheerleaders, you could reach out and touch them, if you wanted to get arrested and all, but anyway, I was there at the game and the guy goes running to the end where they score, I jump up and start yelling "YAY" and the next thing I know, my cousin has grabbed me, pulled hard, and yanked me into the chair while yelling that I was cheering for the wrong team. I said NOOOOO they have the ball where we score, and this is where he tells me they switch sides where they score every quarter and I was all "SERIOUSLY???? now why would they do that to me???"

Anyway, geez, I get sidetracked easily, cuz this post is about me going to school and trying to finish up, which means the next 6 months or so I will not only be in class online with Univ of Phoenix, but I'll be in class online with my local community college AND attending a class at the local community college, but dammit, I'm bound and determined to graduate college before my birthday in September. So, yes, education is trying to kill me...I swear it!!!

p.s. Head on over the The Southern Girl Gang Chronicles cuz we've got a brand stankin new feature! We'll be giving answers to questions, Southern Girl style, ya know with a smile, some snark, some unladylike words, and if you play real nice, I may even show you my pretty finger, even though we made a resolution to TRY not to show the pretty finger off so much, but seriously, I just had my nails done and I could totally show off my pretty finger!!! So, go on, git on outta here, and go ask us some questions!!!


  1. Wow. That's a lot of studying ahead of you. I feel like I should send a care box filled of stuff to help you through but I can't get past the whole idea of actually sending the chocolate in my house OUT to someone else. So, what else could we use to fill the box?

    Band-aids - for the paper cuts
    Highlighters - to study with

    Any other thoughts?


  2. Just got my textbooks in the mail for my TWO grad classes this semester. That's a whole lotta books. Kinda want to cry. At least I don't have to go on campus this semester cause it's all online. Word. to. your. mother.

    I'm super proud of you!! I know you can do it, Lady!!

  3. I am impressed. I have bought a domain name for my website and they offer online classes teaching web design. I keep hoping I will find someone to design the thing. I am afraid I am going to have to take the class. If that happens I might end up throwing things. I keep saying it is just one class, how hard can it be? But I know the answer is migraine city hard. So, I am still praying for another alternative. Me and class don't really go together anymore. That makes me double proud of you.

  4. I almost went crazy studying for my real estate license. That I don't even use anymore. I'm 33 hours from my degree, but I don't plan on finishing it. I never should have dropped out to marry the sperm donor.

  5. hahahaha, if you get half as distracted in life as you just did in this post ...

    ... nah, I know you and you CAN DO IT! How exciting!!! I'm so proud of you. Someday I'll go back to school too.

    PS would you really get arested for touching th cheerleaders??

  6. I learned all I needed to know about life in kindergarten....

    I think that I discovered my pretty finger around that time also.....

    just saying...

  7. Hahahaha I am cracking up! Just the picture of you cheering for the wrong team did me in!

    I know you will do it! Then we should have a big party!! ;-)

  8. I'm pretty sure there's a rule that says you can show your pretty little finger when you've had a manicure.

  9. Going to school and completing your work is important! I would encourage Michelle up there to go back to school as well.. only 33 hours? That's one academic year!!!

    BTW... I'm a prof so I'm should be supportive of one's going to school!!