Friday, March 25, 2011

One down, one to go

not really, but that's what my friend told me yesterday, on my son's 18th birthday...hahaha

Yep, my kid is half my age, he's now the same age that Uncle Bubba and I were when he was born. It's quite scary, actually, thinking about how ill-prepared my kid is to parent but knowing that we were his parents at the same age he is now.

I say not really to the whole one down, one to go thing because even though he's 18, he's still in high school, still lives at home and off our dime. He works, so he does have his own money for stuff, but still, he's a kid.

What is it about men and boys thinking that the day of their 18th birthday they are going to wake up and miraculously be grown ass men???

I don't get that, but whatever, if I spend another minute trying to figure out how a man brain functions, I may have to hurl myself off a bridge, not really, but still, I'm just sayin...just because he's 18 does not make him a grown up.


  1. No, he won't be a grown-up until he hits 30. At least from my experience anyways.

    Happy 18th to him though- that's an exciting time in life!

  2. I've got ten more months till our oldest turns 18. He is so far from a man, it's scary. His dad got married at 19 and borrowed a million dollars to open a hardware store. He has yet to get a damn job. We are too easy on him.

  3. and him being grown up doesn't make you an old lady so stop fretting about it K......K LOL

    congrats and Happy Birthday to chance.:o)

  4. I think we all think we are totally grown up when we hit 18. And then, when we hit 30, we look back and think - we were stupid kids! Give your kid a happy birthday hug from the CO gang!

  5. Nope, not a grown-up yet. And he should be glad. There's plenty of time to worry about all that being grown up brings. He can do that later. Hope enjoys this wonderful time in life, right now...

  6. I have yet to meet a man that has woken up a grown ass, responsible man a single day in his life. My ex-hubby finally grew up about three years ago-when he was 44. Yeah.

  7. So funny. My husband's brother just turned 18 and he is pretty sure he can do whatever he wants when he wants, but wait he still lives at home and his parents do a lot for him. It's gonna be a rough day when he moves out :)