Friday, April 29, 2011

The toddler chasing business

Aunt Crazy is WAAAAAY out of practice! I had my sweet little 2.5 year old nephew for the Easter weekend. I love him and he's a ton of fun but OH MY HELL, he wore me out! My kids are teenagers...I'm out of the toddler chasing business.

A bullet list of how badly I failed.
  • he fell and scraped his knees and hands
  • he fell and scraped his legs
  • he got a bruise on his face and I don't know how
  • he got stung by a wasp
  • he ran away and was nearly swimming in the pond by the time I found him
  • he got out of the house all by himself
The good news, he survived, I survived, and he loves his Aunt Crazy!!! He ate a lot of candy, got a lot of toys, colored Easter egs, and played until he couldn't play anymore.

After discussing this with my sister in law, she told the whole family that I'm not allowed to babysit her granddaughter...heehee


  1. sounds like it went well....LOL

    just saying.. :o)

  2. I don't understand why not ... sounds like a perfect weekend with Aunt Crazy to me! :-)

  3. Sounds like he had an adventurous weekend with you :)
    Loved your blog :)
    Congratulations on your SITS day!!

  4. Happy SITS Day! I can't believe it's been so long since I've been by for a visit! I saw your header at SITS and I thought, "Oh Aunt Crazy, I LOVE Aunt Crazy!"
    Sometimes a little free childcare is worth a few scrapes and bruises! :)

  5. Congrats on your SITS day in the spotlight! It sure sounds like you had an adventurous day with your nephew!

  6. Happy SITS day. Are you and "auuunt" or an "ant?" I'm both depending on which part of the country my nieces and nephews are from:) Yes, hair growing for my teen boys was quite a shocker for me. Neither one has much on his face though.

  7. Now you're scaring me for the days ahead with grandchildren! How will we keep up? Glad you survived the wee ones, and happy SITS day!

  8. Then you did well . . . right? I am totally OK with being out of the babysitting job! :) Stopping by from SITS . . . I am glad they picked you because I remember I found you once, but then could not find you again. Lucky me! Today I will follow.:)

  9. I hear you do forget, quickly. Happy SITS day.