Friday, April 1, 2011

Uncle Bubba says it was wrong, I say kiss my hiney

During Spring Break, my kids were gone. I worked on Monday and on Tuesday spent the day traveling with Uncle Bubba to pick up Savanna from East Texas and bring her to spend the rest of the week with her cousins. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I spent alone, doing whateverthehellIwanted, which Uncle Bubba told me was just wrong. He thinks it was wrong of me to use vacation days when our kids were not at home. I told him where to shove his thoughts and also reminded him that the last several Spring Breaks I have spent with the kids by myowndamnself because of his working and that over the last year, I have been alone with the kids more ofen than not because of his working. I may or may not have told him that if I wanted 3 fucking days to do what I wanted to do, he could kiss my ass and stop being jealous because he refuses to take off work because he's a control freak who thinks that none of his employees will do any work if he's not there. I'll be damned if I'm going to feel guilty for spending 3 days doing whatthehelleverIwanted!!!

p.s. completely off topic I know, but I'm nothing if not random right, I absolutely ABHOR gum smacking, especially in adults and I'm about to lose my mind at work because of someone smacking their gum all freaking day!


  1. LOL. YOu go girl! Everyone needs ME time.

  2. Three whole days Eh!!!!

    Maybe you should sign up for some gum smacking lessons....*snort*

    Just saying...

  3. Vacation days are to rest & re-charge - so if you don't use some of them just for you to do whatever you want, then what's the point? Hope you enjoyed them.

  4. Everyone needs alone time, it is priceless! Visiting from SITS, congrats on your feature day!