Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I may not survive

a puppy, seriously??? I've dang near survived two freaking teenagers, with a little bit of sanity remaining, but a puppy, he's gonna be the death of me yet. I honestly do not know how that pup is still alive. So far, he's eaten:
  • allergy pills
  • a bottle of diet pills
  • a silica packet
  • a package of Reece's peanut butter cups
  • stuffed animals
  • multiple electronics, including Savanna's iPod Touch
  • a container of cooking spices
  • a container of salt
  • Chance's prescription, whose purpose is retaining fluid
  • trash, trash, and more trash
The list goes on and on. He gets lots of attention and loving and food and treats, yet when we leave him alone, he is destructive. He knows he's done wrong too because when we get home, he runs into Chance's room to hide and then climbs into my lap or into Uncle Bubba's lap and snuggles and begs for forgiveness.

And let's not even mention potty training...UGH...if we put a patch of linoleum or carpet in the yard, he'd potty outside, but in the grass, FORGET IT!

How can you not love this puppy though?
Duke, your Granny Crazy loves you, but if you don't start behaving, I'm gonna make you live somewhere else!


  1. My friend just adopted a puppy and is going through this after our other friend just finally got over this stage. Though I'm a cat person, I wouldn't mind an already trained dog ... hey twenty and thirty-somethings need love too :) Ha ha! Cute pic!!!

  2. Two words - crate training.

    Seriously. If you start them young, they do really well with it. Crate training saved my daughter's puppy's life, trust me.

  3. Yikes!! This was one of my BIGGEST fears of getting a puppy, that hubby wanted. So happens that we were offered a two year old black lab, who was totally house trained, knew some commands and was SO well behaved. It didn't stop him from eating the cover off of a baseball, my hairbrush, metal bristles and all, countless of my two year old's toys and some plastic containers.

    I'm with the crate training suggestion, too. But you're right...how can you not love him! He is ADORABLE! Good luck with everything!!

  4. Both my dogs are crate trained and I am all for it good luck it can be hard with puppies