Friday, May 27, 2011

The week from hell and a public service announcement for all parents and kids

Sunday night, the boy I wrote about here rolled his truck and was ejected. Speeding and no seat belt were involved, of course, because he's a stupid, 18 year old boy, and isn't that what they do...stupid stuff???

After 7 hours in the ER and ICU, waiting to see if he was going to survive, we got home at 5:30am Monday morning. I slept 2 hours and went back to the ICU. This whole week, I've been back and forth between home, the ICU, work, the ICU, home, the ICU, work, the ICU, home, I think I've slept 20 hours this week combined. We now know that he is expected to make a full recovery, but with a traumatic brain injury, there is no way to know how long that recovery will take or how many set backs he will have along the way. He's beat to hell, bruised from head to toe, has road rash like I've never seen, a broken shoulder blade, a broken ankle, and a broken big toe, but he's alive and talking and on his way to recovering!!!

He will be ok. I've said it before, I'm saying it now, and I'll say it again. He will be ok.

Tuesday, he came out of the coma and started to talk a little. Since then, he's able to remember family and friends. He sometimes says crazy, off the wall things, but last night, he remembered me. He looked at me and said, "hey Crazy" which is exactly how he addresses me every time I talk to him and when I left him, I told him I loved him and he said, "I love you too Crazy" what more can I ask for???

I just cried.

See, the night before, he did not know me. I cried some more. Hell, I'm still tearing up over it today.

He will be ok!!!

Y'all show this picture to your kiddos and tell them Aunt Crazy said wear you're damn seatbelt and obey the speed limits!!!

This is what was left of an extended cab Ford Ranger after it rolled several times, came to a landing on the guardrail, and had the roof cut off to get his girlfriend out of the truck. She is ok with minor cuts and bruises.


  1. Wow. TBIs are tough on everyone around. I'm glad that he's recovering so quickly and that his girlfriend's okay as well.

    I'm hoping you get some rest soon.

  2. Holy hell! So glad he is going to be ok, sometimes thats all you can say "it will be ok"

  3. seems as if things are traumatic all over the place, said a prayer for you and the boy the other day when you posted. haven't been on much since Moms diagnosis after her brain surgery:o( glad things are gettin better for you all. :o)

  4. OMG! So sad to see and hear what you have been going through this week. And so happy to hear that this boy will be OK after all. Now he'll get the chance to grow into a man and hopefully get a lot smarter!
    BTW, thanks for making me feel a lot better about my nephew breaking off 3 of his permanent teeth in a bike accident this Memorial Day! I wish it didn't take so much bad stuff to make us be damn grateful after all.

  5. I am catching up on my blog reading and this is just terrible =(

  6. This still gives me goosebumps. And is why my 5-year old is still in a five-point harness carseat.

    I am so thankful for safety for those two - that could have been a much different call. Praying for continued healing - so glad he recognized you!