Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WTF crackberry???

Why must you antagonize me? Are you trying to patronize me as well? It ain't happening. I've been talking about replacing you with an iPhone for awhile now, but today, of all days, is just not the day you should mess me with me, crackberry!!! Are you trying to make me replace you with an iPhone??? ARE YOU, HUH??? Because I am THIS close to going to the phone store when I leave work! I am THIS close to divorcing you crackberry because your camera sucks. I have kept you because I am addicted to you and I love you like a fat kid loves cake, and while I am willing to overlook the fact that your camera sucks, I am not willing to overlook what you've been doing to me today. I am unwilling to work with you on this one minor factoid. You will NOT be permitted to reboot eleventy billion times per day when I did not reboot you myowndamnself. Got it??? Are we coming to a mutual agreement here, crackberry? Do you think you can stop rebooting so that when I feel the need to get my crackberry fix, I, uhhhmmm, I dunno, ACTUALLY get my crackberry fix?

Don't keep pushing me crackberry, I will divorce you and marry a replacement, I WILL!!! The iPhone has been wooing me for months now and if you do not behave better than this, I will not even bother cheating on you with the iPhone, I will replace you immediately.

I'm glad we can come to an understanding today, crackberry!


  1. Get an i-Phone then we can play Words with Friends. Because I can't play the dirty words with my mom. It's just not right!

  2. tehehe...that was funny!

    I am glad my crackberry is behaving!

  3. Aunt Crazy=1, Crackberry=0. Crackberry better watch its' a**!

  4. Replace it! You won't be sorry!