Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ARRGGGHHH school dress code that isn't a uniform but really IS a uniform

I mean, come on Texas school districts, we parents, well ME anyway, aren't idiots, grow some balls and call it what it is, a UNIFORM, it's not a dress code, it's not "standardized" dress, it's a freakin uniform!

I'm venting today about part of the uniform policy in our dress code. I hate the entire thing and I seriously think if we had a real dress code (like we used to) that was ENFORCED, this standarized dress thing would be unnecessary, actually, it was unnecessary when it was put in place. The district had a dress code but no one enforced it and since "everyone else was doing it" our district followed along like automotons, even after polling the parents and getting feedback that indicated more than 85% of the parents in our district did not want it, they did it anyway and when the parents complained about them ignoring our vote, the parents were told it was an opinion survey, not a vote.

Moving along...my complaint (for today) is with the length requirements for shorts/skirts/skorts. The district has a policy for K-8th grade and another policy for high schoolers. Both state that the length of shorts/skirts/skorts must be to the top of the knee but the policy for younger kids the very next sentence says that the "fingertip" rule will be used for measure. The high school policy does not state that.

First, why two different policies? Second, why state that the length is to the knee, yet in the next sentence give a different rule? Third, why not use some common sense? If a person can see that the length of the clothing is appropriate, why dole out punishment because it's not all the way to the knee???

My kid hasn't gotten in trouble for uniforms yet, but she's 5'9" with a 34" inseam, finding "fingertip" shorts was an ordeal, finding to the knee shorts was impossible.

These uniforms do not do anything but cause problems for most parents, students, and district employees. Parents struggle to meet the ever changing rules and buy two sets of clothes for their kids, students HATE them, and employees must stop class to punish for infractions such as an untucked shirt or not having a belt on or shorts that are to the fingertip or longer but not to the knee.

And good lord, let me just say that because there is a uniform policy does not mean that the kids won't have "fashion" or "expense" to play with! One parent shops at the Goodwill, another at the Wal-Mart, and another at American Eagle, there is still a difference in brand for the kids with a uniform. Same goes with shoes...just sayin!

What a ridiculous waste of time!!!


  1. As I teacher I have to say I do agree with you! Dress code is such a dumb thing to have to interrupt class for- unless it really IS disruptive (curse words on the shirt, boobs popping out etc) but usually its not & we should just be able to move on with the class!

  2. I won't interrupt class unless it's something really, really disrupting. However, if I have to say the words, "Pull up your pants!!!' one more time, I may scream. And yes, I do know it's only been two days.

  3. I have short arms, so fingertip is no where near my knees. Our rule is mid thigh and Jenna has such long legs it's getting really hard to find something long enought that's not those hideous bermuda style shorts. She will be glad when it cools down and she can just wear jeans again.

  4. Say, a "loin cloth" could reach the knees, so it should be appropriate, right?


  5. I guess that with kids dressing like pop stars, the establishment feels the need to have a measure of good taste in the schools. I guess they can't have the girl with the ass-cheeks hanging out saying "But she has a short skirt too..." Lids and Establishments can't tell the difference between "Fair" and "Same."