Thursday, August 18, 2011

A different take on Proud Mommy Moments, or maybe not

Kmama is hosting Proud Mommy Moments on Thursdays, go on, go read hers and others, they are awesome, well, after y'all read mine of course !!!

Proud Mommy Moments
Recently, my son moved out of the house. Of course, he left his room a ginormous MESS, the brat! And THEN, our dogs managed to get inside and poop everywhere, can we all say NASTY???

I tried to go in there THREE times to clean it, but each and every time, I gagged and nearly vomitted. So, I did what any GOOD mother would do, cuz this is MY Proud Mommy Moment for myowndamnself, I bribed my other kid to clean it up.

What, you don't bribe your kids? Whatever, wait til they are teenagers, you'll pay them to do stuff you don't want to do too, or not, but whatever, I did and that is MY Proud Mommy Moment for myowndamnself!

Moving onto being proud of my kid, she's creative that one, not only did she conive her way into getting more cash than I originally offered, she made her some “My dog poopoo cleaning shoes they’re one size fits all” seriously, she text me that sentence along with THIS picture:

Why yes, YES, those are Target shopping bags duct taped (with the fancy stuff) around her hands to clean up doggie poop. She's creative, or is it innovative, whatever, she's pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

The moral of this story is:

1) it’s disgusting that the room even got that way to begin with
2) I totally took advantage of her greedy want of some cold hard cash hahaha
3) and I don’t even feel bad about doing so ROFL

There are many ways to have a Proud Mommy Moment, no? I'm thinking, if nothing else, this will REALLY qualify me for that "Mother of the Effin Year Award" that I've been so desparately trying to win!


  1. Too funny! Love the creativity on YOUR part of getting your kid to do this. And it didn't even take yelling, threatening or a mental breakdown... I think that's how you get the Mother Of The Effin' Year Award. At least that's how my husband has awarded it to my mother for at least the past 10 years!

  2. Lol! Awesome!! And yes sometimes bribery is the number one form of parenting. And she is very creative- definitely worth being proud about.
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. That is too funny! i'm so not above bribing!

    I almost did my own PMM on myself (for losing weight), but then I changed it to one for Buddy. I should've done my own. ;-)

    Thanks for playing along!

  4. Oh My! That's gross and fabulous all at the same time! Kudos to you for making the best of an awful predicament!

  5. Yep you have got it going on......LOL

    You sure that you shouldn't have another one to pass all that wisdom on to?????? *snort*

    just saying