Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of school 2011

Chance is registering for college classes tomorrow...sigh! He's living 3 hours away and his reply to my request for first day of college pictures was, "negative" so I'm thinking unless I take a day of vacation and drive up there, I will not get pictures of him on his first day of college. I will however, fake it later, and pretend it was his first day ;);) Also, way back when he started Kindergarten, not only did digital cameras not exist, I couldn't even afford a camera, so we had those crappy disposable cameras and I do have prints of his first day of Kinder somewhere, I do not have them digitally :(

Savanna on the other hand was hyper and happy about her first day of high school.

First, this is her on the first day of Kindergarten...

This is her on the first day of high school...

p.s. these are iPhone pictures, I apparently am enept at taking decent pictures with any cell phone, and for that, I am very, very sorry :(


  1. Happy first day of high school! I miss those days.

  2. aww..she looks awesome, no matter what camera you use!

  3. Oh my, she was just precious! And she has grown into a beautiful young woman. Load those guns girl.

  4. Happy High School, Savannah!

    She's gorgeous.

  5. I do not have kindergarten pictures. Of course, only one of mine actually went to kindergarten. The others were homeschooled, thus they avoided the obligatory photos. I'm making up for it now.