Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The craziness that IS my life, no? Why yes, yes it's crazy around these parts

Let's see, never a dull moment, NEVER. It's fun times around here y'all!!!

Savanna had surgery on her left knee on Aug 26th. Here is what it looked like 6 days post op, she's got jokes cuz she put this pic on facebook and asked "is anyone missing a knee, if so I think mine ate it" funny I tell ya, the shit never ceases around here. It's amazing that she can crack me up and make me want to strangle her within a few moments of each other but I love her.

And yes, those are camo crocs thrown on the floor..
hers and she wears them to school every day...SIGH

These dogs, I have a love hate relationship with them, I love to hate them, then I hate to love them, it's a vicious cycle around here, except the big one, he's my favorite child. They all think I'm their momma but I keep telling them and everyone else, that I don't wanna be anyone's momma anymore, I'd like to have that "empty nest" experience and then (in 10 years or so) have the Granny experience, I've earned it!

This ticket, probably, very likely, the BEST birthday gift EVER, and I do mean EVAH!!! Uncle Bubba took me to see Kid Rock, even though he had to pay way more than face value and hates crowds, he took me for my upcoming birthday and he tolerated my hollering and singing and dancing very well and oh my hell thank the little 8 pound baby geezus we had covered seating cuz those folks on the lawn got a little wet and by a little wet, I mean soaked.

One day maybe I'll figure out how to take a good picture with my phone, but until then, here is Uncle Bubba and Aunt Crazy getting ready for that skanky hot love of my life, Kid Rock!!! Oh and just in case you're wondering, that IS Uncle Bubba's happy face, I promise! He's not a man of much emotion.

Chance is off in East Texas going to school, he's enjoying it. He got trapped away from his home cuz of fire then got trapped there cuz of fire, it's everywhere...this is what he saw before he was able to go back to his home. This is near some of our family that he was visiting.

p.s. There are tons of wildfires in Texas right now, feels like the whole damn state is burning, like it's hell on Earth in Texas or something, but, PLEASE, y'all say some prayers, send some thoughts, work some voodoo magic, or whatever it is y'all do by way of sending the good vibes, cuz we need it and we need rain like a fat kid needs cake!


  1. If I could send you some of our nice soaking rain, I so would. I feel kind of guilty that we've had rain for two days while your state's on fire.

    We gotta talk about your taste in music, honey. Kid Rock? That boy needs a good shampoo and hair cut. :)

  2. I've seen his happy face. And his freaked out face when he saw a house full of 20-30 of my relatives. They are vaguely the same.

  3. I am definitely prayin' for y'all cuz if Texas were to burn up, where would I move to?!
    Lovin' your crazy life and loves me some Kid Rock too!

  4. Sheryl Crow? Awesome!
    Wasn't Kid Rock a Saturday morning cartoon show from 30 or 40 years ago?

    (Praying for rain outside of concert venues...)

  5. Voodoo magic to Aunt Crazy? Check!


    I LOVE kid rock! And the dogs are AAAADORRABLE!