Friday, September 9, 2011

It's my 2nd blogoversary

Who knew I could fill the interwebs with my drivel for two years??? Not me! Mostly, I hope to have my memories somewhere besides inside my crazy head because I have the memory of a knat. I can't remember crap.

Not only is today my blogoversary, but September is apparently my birthday month this year...yay me!!!

September 3rd...Kid Rock concert
September 2nd blogoversary
September 37th birthday
September 16th...the Southern Girl Gang meets up to spend the weekend drinking Firefly and seeing Ms. Paula Deen and tear up the streets of H-town
September 30th...I'm hitting up Vegas with my mom and some other family to see the Donnie & Marie show and blow my dough at the roulette wheel

Add to all that, Savanna's physical therapy, driving school, back to softball practices, pitching lessons, tournaments, and's a busy life we lead around here. She's needed the break and is healing nicely, but is so ready to put on her gear and get back behind home plate!!!

I've linked this up with Jennifer at Momma Made it Look Easy cuz she's awesome and my post is awesome and we're all just awesome! Head on over to her place and check her out!!!


  1. Sounds like it is going to be a busy month.

    And Congrats!

  2. What a month you've got going there!

    Congratulations on two years of blogging. I am nearing a blogoversary of my own. And happy birthday!

    I followed you here from Momma Made it Look Easy.


  3. "to see the Donnie & Marie show and blow my dough at the roulette wheel"

    Well, at least you have a chance at getting something out of roulette...



  4. You're living the life!!! And you have so much more of it left to live than I.

  5. Happy Blogoversary! But, more importantly, Happy Birfday Month!!! :) Sounds like some great fun ahead. I would love, love to see Paula Deen. Is she at some sort of special event, or is she taping a show?? That's so cool.

    I can hardly wait for the stories... just stay out of jail. lol. ;)

  6. What are you going to do with all your spare time:o)..LOL

    congrats on the two years, and cudos for the 37:o)

  7. Happy Blogiversary and birthday! Certainly there are going to be a lot of blog-worthy events this month for you! Can't wait to hear about them.

  8. the only thing that is making my first trip tolerable is the knowledge that a few short days later, we will be together on my second trip. Five days, baby!

  9. The only thing getting me through this week of work, kids and stacks and stacks of papers to grade is knowing we'll be together at the end of this week! Don't judge me if I'm wearing overalls and have green glittery nails. It's homecoming week and I'll be doing it for the kids.

  10. Happy Birthday coming up! And happy blogoversary.

    Happy everything!

  11. Happy (belated) blogoversary! Now you have me thinking... I wonder when my blogoversary is.... hmmmm.

  12. Happy blogoversary!

    Sounds like you have a very full and fun month planned!