Monday, November 7, 2011

Y'all should be totally proud of Uncle Bubba

for sharing. He shared with me, in such a loving, chivalrous, gentlemanly way, I'm so proud of him.

Sadly, what he shared is a sore throat, a headache, coughing, and a generally crappy, sick feeling.

I love Uncle Bubba but for the love of Dr. Pepper, he could have kept THIS to hisowndamnself!


  1. vitamin c, vitamin d, neti pot and hot tea with lemon and honey. Your friendly tree hugger's advice.

    Get better soon

  2. I'd go with wine. If it doesn't cure you it will at least help you forget you feel so damn crappy!

  3. Well, if it slowed you down enough to post, then "Thanks, Bubba!"


  4. Hope you are MUCH much better now. Mr. Daddy just did the same thing this week. ARGH.