Friday, February 10, 2012 anyone out there??? It's me, Aunt Crazy!

I'm totally sorry for being gone so long. My new job is kicking my ass, STILL, even after all these months.

Let's see though...I know I have tons to share and for the life of me can't remember a damn thing right this minute.

A few things...we are trying to buy a house, having a husband that is self-employed and an accountant that is good at her job is making that difficult. Chance completed his first semester of college, by the skin of his teeth, and is on academic probation this semester, proud parenting moments, keep 'em comin! Two weeks ago, after 2.5 school years of Savanna being bullied by coaches and their friends, we withdrew her. She's doing homeschool. I'm hoping for success!

I work, I go home, I run Savanna, I work on further developing the love/hate relationship I have with all of our damn dogs, and I do it all again the next day. These dogs are trying to kill me. They've ruined my sofas, they've eaten everything from prescriptions, to over the counter meds, to a TASER, they ate a freakin TASER!!! Yet, they are all still living, breathing, and healthy. WTF? Me, I cry, daily, because of them. I scream "I hate you with all the love in my heart!!!" at those dogs a lot, every day.

I promise to try and blog more...


  1. HELLO!!! :)

    Our dogs get on my last nerve. I love 'em... but I love 'em a lot more when Scott is home b/c they act completely different when he's here. I'm pretty sure Hoss thinks I'm his bitch. He won't let Scott hug me anymore without barking his head off. LOL.

  2. Time to buy a kennel. And I say this after cleaning up eight puddles of piss. He was kenneled all day while I was in San Antonio and when I came home, he began punishing me with urine.