Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Are you there bloggyland, it's me, Aunt Crazy!

WOWZA...last post, June 14, 2012...that is more than SIX long months...did y'all miss me???

I sure hope so!

Let's see, what's been going on in the universe of Aunt Crazy...

July - uneventful aside from it being hot as hell, but what else is new in Texas?
August - my youngest kid started her first community college class while still in high school and it was still hot
September - I turned another year better older...yup...still freakin hot
October - my youngest kid passed her driving test and my oldest kid got his very first, very own apartment, and I repeat, STILL hot
November - this is where the crazy, and by crazy I mean busy, but whatever, aren't those the same??? HOT HOT HOT

Week before Thanksgiving is the annual family reunion and our first Christmas celebration. It was hot.

Thanksgiving was great...lots of good food and screaming at the TV cuz the Houston Texans were trying to kill me with overtime plays, but it's all good, I survived (aren't y'all happy about that), and they WON their very first Thanksgiving Day game...YAY!!! It was hot.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we went to Disneyworld. Our neice got married there and we had a FULL ON REDNECK FAMILY VACATION, it was like the Clampitt's go to Disneyworld, I swear!

My brother in law dressed up in a full Mad Hatter costume, my nephew dressed up in a full Captain Jack Sparrow costume, Uncle Bubba went as Woody from Toy Story, well, he went as himself but he just happens to look a lot like Woody. It wouldn't be a real redneck time if the kids didn't have a game of "duck, duck, goose" and musical chairs in the center of the formal dining room. Fun times y'all, fun times!

Disneyworld the first week of December was was perfect, the lines were short, the Christmas decorations were gorgeous...I did not want to come home.

Got back home and it was still hot. We've had a couple of cold days, but today, high of 79...Christmas is in 6 days and it's nearly 80 degrees...damn you Texas weather!

But...we did, and then it was two weeks until let the shopping and wrapping take over my universe cuz the holidays are here y'all!!!


  1. We were still in sweatshirt weather (40s) until today when it finally started to look like winter. Now it's cold and snowy and I want our sweatshirt weather back.

  2. I so want to be in your 'hot-all-the-damn-time' Texas weather, cuz' I cannot begin to tell you how much 'wet-cold-and-dark-all-the-damn-time' sucks!